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    Verizon/BB email issues 8703E


    New first time BB owner. Had Q but it was not user friendly and I wore it out basically. I work in Legal field and use Bellsouth email. I registered through BB email but am getting approx. one out of 15 emails on device. This is NOT acceptable in my line of work. Any thoughts/ideas before I get on phone with some igmo who says its verizons/BB/Bellsouth's problem and cannot get it working. ThanX for your input.

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    Re: Verizon/BB email issues 8703E

    Are you forwarding your Bellsouth e-mail to your bis account? You should be able to do that in the web interface for your e-mail on your Bellsouth account. I don't have any issues and forward my to my account and also keep a copy so I can download it to my Outlook each time that I'm back to a regular computer.
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