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I want to get my university account added to my BlackBerry and I am having ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    University E-Mail Account


    I want to get my university account added to my BlackBerry and I am having issues with it. Can anyone interpret this?

    "You can use a BlackBerry to view your email, there are two different options. One is to use another client like Outlook and pull in your email account. For this the information you need is the incoming address is and the outgoing address is your internet service provider. This address is usually listed on their webpage. Your other option is to sync Groupwise with your Blackberry but you have to purchase at $93. license from the IT Store to do this.

    Please let us know if you have anymore questions."

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    You should have to. If you cant do it automatically, then just get the settings and set it up yourservice under advanced options

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    If you go with the Groupwise Synch option, be sure to ask up front if the IT department that manages the GW BES server does any policy management. Once you hook up to their BES server, they could send down a policy to your personal phone that may limit some of things you are able to do with it and there won't be a thing you can do but remove the software to get rid of the policy restrictions. Unless you use the Groupwise Calendar extensively and REALLY need your college mail to be fully synched, I would save myself $93 and just get a GMail account, forward your college email to it and then setup BIS with your GMail account. My .02


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    If you buy the groupwise license, part of the license agreement is you accept the IT policy that comes with it. That may or may not be what you'd like on your phone.

    It sounds like they have a reasonable workaround with Outlook. If you don't want to go that route, I second the "forward all mail to Gmail" and use BIS idea.
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