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    sporadic/delayed email problem


    My email is an account (SBC Yahoo is my ISP). Email delivery times are all over the map. They range from near instantaneous to as much as 68 hours (literally, not a typo). In addition, except for the times they come nearly instantaneously, they generally come in bundles (for lack of a better word) of 3 to 10 or more messages received sequentially. When I compare my webmail inbox (my to my BB inbox I am able to clearly see the results, although there is no discernable pattern (ie cumulative "bundle" size, time, number of messages, etc).

    Say my online inbox shows 6 new messages received (for simplicities sake, "message A" 2:00pm, "message B" 3:00pm, "message C" 4:00pm, and so on until "message F"(the sixth of six) 7:00pm). Looking at these same messages on my BB, the received times might be essentially identical, there might be 3 all within a minute or 2 of the online time and the other 3 received seperately on my BB all at the same time, but the time is 10:30am the next day. Alternately, all 6 might be received one after the other at 1:47am, nearly 12 hours after the first was sent and almost 7 hours after the last of the 6 was actually sent.

    To make it even more frustrating, messages A. B and E might arrive at 9:40pm, while messages C, D, and F might not arrive until 11:15am the following morning. I realize this particular scenario might be 2 different issues - one being the problem I am describing and the other (the out-of-sequence aspect) something totally different (ie my inbox ordering messages by when they were "sent" by the original sender). This is a seperate issue I realize (one minute my inbox might have 12 messages, with the "oldest" being 10 hours old and the next minute I have a new message, but it shows a time 9 hours in the past and it is now #10 of 13 messages).

    As you can imagine, it is very frustrating to receive a call asking "hey, did you get the email I sent you 9 hours ago" only to go check my BB inbox and find no such message. Of course, I can then open my BB browser, go to, log on to my email account and see lo and behold, there it is, sent 9 hours ago, just like you said. Then the email wakes me up at 3:45am the following morning, along with seven others, all of which were received in my inbox 6-30 (or more) hours ago.

    At present, my only work-around is to have people either CC me at my "(phonenumber)" address or send me a seperate email at this address (depending on what type of email it is) letting me know that, hey, I just sent you an email. Highly annoying - at best.

    Any advice or a solution would be greatly appreciated. I am using a 7520 on Nextel, the unit is always on and always stays within coverage area. The email is a POP3 (SBC Yahoo - my ISP) with an I remove the battery a couple of times a month to clear the caches as I am a very heavy phone user (8000 minutes/month+) and moderate MMS user (approx 500-700 per month, with all but 4 or 5 per month text only). I have v4.1.0.273 installed.

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    Re: sporadic/delayed email problem

    Hi, I am using BIS with a 8700g on T-mo. Having similar problem with my gmail account. Some of my e-mail went through, some didn't. No patten at all. Called T-mo and RIM, was told that the problem could be caused by,

    1. Gmial is still in beta (well, not related to your situation)
    2. Service book (resent several times, deleted and recreate that account from BIS website. No help)
    3. A broken database on my BB. (Solution, make a backup of your message first, then delete it from your BB through 'advance option', send yourself a new message which will create a new database, then restore the old ones from backup if you really want your old e-mails back) - seems this approach helped, however, I still have maybe 1 out of 10-20 e-mails missing.

    Another way will be forward all your SBC e-mail to your blackberry one. Since no POP3 is involved, you should be getting your e-mail in a timely fassion.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: sporadic/delayed email problem


    I just started with a BB (5 days ago) but have my email address forwarding to it with no problems so far. I have another problem that I'm hoping you can help me with however.

    I cannot used the BB browser to successfully go to the site and log in to my email account. After I type in the username and password and say log in I get a message that my browser settings do not support redirection. It sounds like you are able to do this. Can you tell me in detail what your browser settings are and how you go about accessing your email? A link to my original post is below (I added a couple of spaces after the http: because I'm new enough that I'm not allowed to post links yet). Thanks!

    http: //

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