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Hello .... I'm sending emails from my blackberry fine, but some of the people I'm ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Smile Sending unreadable email messages


    Hello .... I'm sending emails from my blackberry fine, but some of the people I'm sending mails to end up receiving things like

    Q2FuIHUgcmVhZCB0aGlzPw0KDQpTZW50IGZyb20gbXkgQmxhY2 tCZXJyea4gd2lyZWxlc3MgZGV2aWNlICANCg0KLS0tLS1Pcmln aW5hbCBNZXNzYWdlLS0tLS0NCkZyb206IHdpbGxpYW1zb25qQG Nw
    dy5jby51aw0KRGF0ZTogVHVlLCAxMiBEZWMgMjAwNiAyMDoxMD owOCANClRvOkNPUk5FWUFAY3B3cGxjLmNvbQ0KU3ViamVjdDog dG90YWxseSENCg0KRnJvbToJU01UUCUiY29ybmV5YUBjcHdwbG Mu
    Y29tIiAxMi1ERUMtMjAwNiAyMDowODozMC40Mg0KVG86CXdpbG xpYW1zb25qQGNwdy5jby51aw0KQ0M6CQ0KU3ViajoJUmU6IFJF Og0KDQpRMkZ1SUhsdmRTQnlaV0ZrSUhSb2FYTS9EUW9OQ2cwS1 Uy
    VnVkQ0JtY205dElHMTVJRUpzWVdOclFtVnljbm11SUhkcGNtVn NaWE56DQpJR1JsZG1salpTQWcNCg0K

    When they read the message ... obviously this is down to encryption .. is there anyway for me to circumvent this and allow the bberry to send unencrypted messages? Sending the user a normal message from the MS Exchange Web Access comes through in plain text no problems, just going through the blackberry.

    Using 8700g - O2-UK - Internet based option (no bes)

    Help me obiwan, your my only hope.

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    Hello acorn82, it's a pleasure to welcome another UK member to the Stack.

    You say that "some" recipients are getting an encrypted message. Presumably, some are not. Can you identify any commonality amongst those receiving the screwed-up one?

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    Everybody I know gets messages like that when I drink lmao

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