One of our in-house devs built a custom web app for the Blackberries - the main page has a login/password prompt which authenticates users via LDAP - once LDAP authentication is complete the page redirects to another internal website - the problem is that for some reason the BB Browser does not handle this re-direct and dumps you to the default Domino page (the app is hosted on a Domino App server). Our BES/MDS Servers use a proxy (which also authenticates via LDAP) for external pages - however internal pages bypass the proxy and are routed internally. When we change the redirect to an external page (say the redirect works properly (however you are prompted for proxy credentials) - I also tried modifying the proxy settings to push all requests (including internal pages) through the proxy with the same results. It seems that for whatever reason once the LDAP authentication is complete we are unable to redirect to internal pages...Any thoughts?