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I know this is well known problem with pre-owned blackberrys, but in my case I ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Question Pls help on Rogers pinlock on my unlocked brand new BB Bold


    I know this is well known problem with pre-owned blackberrys, but in my case I have brand new retail Blackberry Bold
    pin : 207b10b7

    I live in Norway bought new unlocked on ebay, and specifically took care to ensure it was a relased retail phone to not get into PIN lock problems. SIM unlock works fine, but phone has no service books, and cannot access BIS.

    Got the message when trying to register PIN/IMEI on my providers BIS pages : "This BlackBerry is registered with a different service provider. Please re-register this BlackBerry and verify the URL matches the one
    provided by your service provider"

    I then in my troubleshooting efforts tried to register the PIN/IMEI on the Rogers BIS pages, which to my surprise worked fine. Except I was told since the device never had been registered on the wireless network some functions may be lackein. Living in Norway, I am of course not a Rogers customer and do not have a Rogers SIM card.

    So how do I get the PIN/IMEI released from Rogers - where it should never have been registered in the first place as the phone is brand new from retailer - so that I can register the phone with my own service provider and push service books to the device.
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    I had a similar problem and after going back and forth between my service provider and AT&T (in my case) both telling me they can't help I ended up calling RIM tech support (Please note that they charge US$49 for customer service, although I got lucky this time and wasn't charged) who cleared it for me.

    Their contact numbers are here

    Let me know how it turn out

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    I wouldn't post my IMEI in public if I were you...

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