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    paying for hotmail plus


    *sighs* After two years of frustration... I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay hotmail their $1.67 a month (19.99 a yr) for their Hotmail Plus service. I finally got tired of recieving the sms alerts that you can get through the standard hotmail service, and then going to the mobil hotmail site thru my bb browser. I know what a lot of you are probably gonna say... "why didn't you just sign up with a free POP3 email account?" Well the answer is, and i'm sure some of you understand, that I've had this email for so long, i don't want to change it. Also, i've tried my hotmail address on several different freemail services and they are usually chosen.

    Actually what I'm hoping is that if I pay for awhile, then *whispers* I cancel my service, that I will keep receiving my emails on my bb. Has anyone else had experience with this and found that it worked?

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    Re: paying for hotmail plus

    not at all i am not willing to shell out the 20 bucks a year for free email i already get from other email providers. maybe they will change their ways sometime in the near future. I've had mine for quite awahile , but still am not changing it or paying for the service.
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