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Part 1 I have not sync'd my Pearl to Outlook yet. Right now I have ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Outlook Contacts


    Part 1
    I have not sync'd my Pearl to Outlook yet. Right now I have just the 15 people in my address book that I frequently call. I assume if I sync to Outlook and I have 300 contacts there, that they all will show up on my address book on Pearl. Will that make my voice dialing and navigating difficult with all the names listed that I do not use very oftern? I assume there is no way to list these contacts in a separate area.

    Part 2
    When I open up my email messages, the oldest messages are first and I have to move the cursor up to the top. Can I have the email box start at the top (most recent)?

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    Nope no way to list the contacts differently.

    As for the messaging there isnt an option for sorting a different way. You might want to try a 3rd party software for both options.
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    For question one, it's really quick just to start typing a name in your address book. As you type, the list will get shorter and shorter until you get to the point of being able to see the contact you want to call, Usually only three or four letters will do it.

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    q1. You could use the Filter command to organize your address book by categories, and then dial from the address book if you wanted to. But it's still quicker to dial the way rcbjr says.

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    Re: Outlook Contacts

    I created a separate set of personal folders for the Blackberry. In Outlook click File, Data File Management, then the Add button. To add contacts from your normal contacts folder, select them (hold down Ctrl to select multiple contacts, click Edit, Copy. Select the Blackberry contacts foldert, then click Edit, Paste. Alternatively, you can hold down Ctrl and drag contacts to the Blackberry contacts folder.

    Using IntelliSync in the Desktop Manager, select the Blackberry Contacts folder as the one to sync to.

    By doing this, you can decide which contacts you want to add to your Blackberry. The only disadvantage is that you have to change the contact info in two places if something changes.

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