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    Need real answers on BIS capabilities


    I work for a small company where we have an MS Exchange 2003 server. Most of the team, including all the execs are on WinMo devices and are perfectly happy with status quo. I was using the 7100 for about 18mos until the pearl was released. I fell in love with it and had it for about 8 mos until i began to travel extensively. Being a small company, we don't have the BES (I don't know how much it costs, but I think that's the main reason we don't have it), so I was using BIS and getting my email synched up. Using BIS and v4.0 of the Desktop Software (it was the latest at the time), I didn't have a truly synched calendar. It would only synch through the cable, not OTA. This proved to be a problem for me as I spend a lot of time on site with clients.

    I finally gave in and bought the TMO Dash, and loaded WinMo 6 on it. While it's nice to have the calendar and contacts and Inbox folders synch, I really hate the OS. I figured I was stuck until we get the BES....

    About a week ago, one of my coworkers showed me his Curve and explained that he could actually get calendar appts OTA because he's running version 4.2 of the Desktop Software??. I still have my pearl and am thinking of dusting it off. But I'd really like to know if it will do what I want before I go to the trouble.

    I would really appreciate some answers to these questions:

    1) Can the Pearl (with updated OS and Desktop Software) accept synch calendar appts with an Exchange Server over BIS, or is this a 'Curve' thing?

    2) Is it possible to synch custom folders that I've created inside my Inbox using BIS?

    3) Do contacts get synch'd?

    4) How about Tasks?

    5) Slightly unrelated: I seem to remember my Pearl having an issue just before i retired it. I believe the USB port on the side of the device is a little sketchy. It doesn't feel loose, but it is very sensitive and seems to connect/disconnect very easily when i connnect it. Is this a common issue? Is there a simple fix or am I out of luck?

    I just discovered this community and this is my first post. I tried searching a bit, but couldn't find answers. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: Need real answers on BIS capabilities

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    Most of those I can't help with but I also noticed that the usb is a little sensitive. Most of the people I know with pearls complain of the same problem.

    I hope the rest of these get answered as I would like to know as well.

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    Re: Need real answers on BIS capabilities

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    Do you currently have an exchange server for your office? If yes, get a small biz bes for free (15 users) and 1 free license. PM ME if you want me to get you some info on that.

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