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all i am using a BB Pearl for my personal e-mail accounts and when i ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    mail reconcile


    i am using a BB Pearl for my personal e-mail accounts and when i delete mail on my handheld it still shows up on my desktop as unread. i do have wireless reconcile turned on and when i delete messages on the BB i do select delte on handheld and mailbox. can anyone tell me if there some settings i might be overlooking?

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    Re: mail reconcile

    i believe that you also have to do the reconcile on the device itself, open up the message folder>reconcile now, that should delete the messages for you. I also remember reading that it works for non pop3 email accounts only, someone will come by and correct me if i am wrong though
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    Re: mail reconcile

    You are not overlooking anything if you set up you accounts as POP3 accounts on your BIS. There is no reconciliation once it is downloaded. If you are pulling it to your PC before the BIS polls the account it will stay unread until you open it on your PC. If you pull it to your PC after it is sent to your BB, it should show opened on your PC, even if you haven't opened it on your BB. This if for POP type polling from BIS. If you are using IMAP on BIS, I'm not exactly sure how it should work with the PC, just the server.

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    Re: mail reconcile

    Is there a way to make it so when you reply on the BB, a copy shows up in the PC mail?

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    Re: mail reconcile

    To view sent items from the blackberry on the PC go to you Sent Items Folder it should be there if the reconciliation is successful.

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