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    Lost Internet and Email Services - Help!!


    Hi, I've a Blackberry Pearl with O2 and have had no trouble with it for a year, using both email and browser services. Last week I got an 'Activation Server' email out of the blue, followed by a few pushed emails from home. Since then I have been unable to send or receive email on the handset, nor have I been able to access the internet. All other functions, including phone, SMS and MMS are working normally.

    Any attempt to send email gives the message status 'Service Blocked', and attempting to use the browser gives a message 'unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact your service provider'. The Data Services option is set to 'on' and the device is registered with the blackberry wireless network. There's a strong GPRS signal in our area.

    The phone got wet 6 weeks ago but worked perfectly once it had dried out. I took it to an O2 shop (at the request of customer services), they checked the sim card in another PDA and were able to get online so no problem there. They just said the problem was because the handset had got wet.

    I can't believe this can be the case when the phone has been working perfectly up til last week and only the email and browser services are affected. I would be really grateful for anyone's help and advice. I don't want to have to buy a new phone if there is a fixable explanation for what is happening. Thanks

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    Have you tried going to the O2 site on a computer and resending the service books? I have had to do this with my T-Mo USA 8100 a few times but it has worked.

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