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    Re: kinda stupid question...

    Quote Originally Posted by rush88 View Post
    Thanks for the advice everyone - yeah N8 i agree..i rely on carrier support as a last resort. and thanks for the number...the person told me that i need a special blackberry data plan...seems kinda obvious but i didnt think of it because my last phone, a BB 7250, worked fine without the special blackberry data question is now this- can i use my current hosted BES with Power Vision, or does the blackberry always need a special blackberry plan?
    You can still browse the internet without a blackberry data plan, but you'd need to have a 3rd party browser already installed. On the AT&T network I was able to browse thru Operamini, even with lower-case "edge", but I couldn't download anything or use the internal browser. Using BES without a Blackberry data plan is impossible because your IT admin won't be able to get a data connection to the BES, which means no Outlook information will wirelessly sync.

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