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Hello, I'm thinking about buying internet access for my Blackberry Pearl 8100. I had a ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Internet Questions


    Hello, I'm thinking about buying internet access for my Blackberry Pearl 8100. I had a few questions before I get it though.

    1) Is the internet on the blackberry fast? or does it go pretty slow? Rate 1- Slower (Dial-up like) 10-Faster (Comcast like)

    2) Is it easy to use?

    3) Is it worth the additional $20 dollars a month?

    4) Can you watch youtube videos on it?

    5) Do the sites you visit show up on the bill?

    6) How fast does it download?

    Please answer truthfully, I really wanted to know these questions before I went and paid for it. THANKS!

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    Re: Internet Questions

    1) The internet isn't super fast. I would say on a scale from 1-10 it would be a 7 with good service.

    2) It's very easy to use. All you have to do is press a button, and enter in your website.

    3) YES! It's totally worth $20 extra a month. I am paying $30 extra a month for AT&T. I also get push e-mail with this. Not only can you use the internet to browse on your phone but you can download and have a ton of 3rd party applications. Things like GoogleMaps, a ton of different 411 applications, the list goes on. I even downloaded a flashlight on my Pearl. It's called Blinkberry Demo.

    4) Currently no, but with the new OS 4.5 which should be out within the next couple of months you will be able to watch YouTube videos on it. And also a ton of new features.

    5) No the sites don't show up on the bill.

    6) Depends on what you want to download?

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