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Hi I am currently happily using BES-based email for all of my work related emails. ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Question How to setup 2 seperate email addresses



    I am currently happily using BES-based email for all of my work related emails.

    However to read my personal emails (a different email address) I am currently using webmail (in Opera Mini) which is problematic to say the least.

    So I'd like a better solution. As I see it I have a few options.

    1. Forward my personal emails to my work email account. The problem here is that since the standard blackberry email client doesnt seem to understand the concept of a folder, that means all of my personal and work emails will be mixed up together. This is not good.

    2. Setup BIS with the IMAP or POP server of my personal email account. Could someone please confirm that its possible to receive BIS email without breaking my BES email setup? Also will my BIS email be mixed in together with my BES email? If so then this is really not an option.

    3. Get a third-party email program for the blackberry. This may cost money for the software plus I may also have to pay extra (?) to be able to make direct TCP connections from my blackberry (ie I need a different APN that lets me connect anywhere).

    4. Use a simpler webmail client. Squirrelmail and Roundcube dont work well under Opera Mini. Maybe try IlohaMail?

    Surely Im not the first to want to do this. What do others do?

    - young_dazza

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    Empower has a program (one time cost) that will send your personal mail to a different "box" on your bb. So, you add a normal email to your bb (using the set up email icon) and load empower. Tada! You have two seperate emails boxes and the mail gets sorted. (Better than using the email icons for each accounrt because personal email won't his the main "messages" account at all)

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