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Hey all, First off, great site. I want to drop a quick note of thanks ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Handling mail server outages gracefully with BIS


    Hey all,
    First off, great site. I want to drop a quick note of thanks for all the useful information here.

    Currently we have approximately 12 users retrieving company mail through BIS/OWA. As a relatively small company, we have only one mail server (no clustering), and from time to time, it needs to go offline for maintenance or patching, as servers are wont to do. Unfortunately, this creates a mess for our BIS users: after (presumably) receiving no response to some number of polls, BIS sends the users an unfriendly message announcing that their account settings have suddenly become invalid, and, well, I get a lot of help tickets!

    The solution for a user with a BIS login is easy - they can just go in an re-enable the account after the server has come back up. Still, the downtime is frustrating and inconvenient, and most of our users don't even have a login for My T-mobile (and probably don't want to... they assume it should Just Work). A few have switched to forwarding to to work around the problem, but I don't consider this an optimal solution for most.

    I spoke to our T-mobile rep in the hope of perhaps setting up a companywide login for BIS (since all our users are on the same T-mobile account), so that I could re-enable everyone's email accounts at once if they should become disabled. But there doesn't appear to be any such ability in BIS. From my perspective, it would be even better if BIS would not give up on polling the account, so that it would see the server coming back online at the conclusion of the downtime, but I can't find any way of configuring its behavior in this regard.

    I'm in the process of setting up BES (and excited about it), but it'll be a while before I get all of the approvals and am able to roll that out to everyone, so in the meantime, if anyone has any clever workaround ideas for this BIS problem (aside from, run something more robust than Exchange ), I'd love to hear.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Handling mail server outages gracefully with BIS

    I have had the same problem with my home email account.. The server shuts down every few weeks. I have yet to find a way to auto recheck.. Good luck.

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