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    Google apps question


    I just signed up for google apps
    I did not activate email yet for my domain

    Im a little confused though. If I change my mx records to point to google, on my bberry do I need to use the google appps email client OR the bberry email client?

    Which one works better? I also use PIN a lot so I prefer to use the bberry client for all my messaging. Does the bberry email use push email with google or is there the normal 15 minute delay? I use POP email for my domain and my email client. I am using BIS with my Bberry
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    You can use either. I've set up my Berry so that my Gmail arrives via BIS, and then I removed that account, and downloaded the Gmail email software.

    I don't really see any benefit of one over the other, except that if you use the Gmail software, it emulates a lot of the features you have with your account if you check mail at

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