Have searched and come up empty on this......

I have a my personal email setup on GoDaddy and use their POP3 service/webmail. I use BIS for my Blackberry and have lived with the hassle of having to delete from both the GoDaddy account and the Blackberry seperately.

Just found that GoDaddy rolled out BIS Sync in 2007 - basicaly allows a BB user to have quasi-IMAP type service on their GoDaddy POP3 account without having to upgrade from basic to delux email on GoDaddy. I have made the change and it appears that when I delete from the BB, it reconciles that to the GoDaddy account, but deletions on the GoDaddy server do NOT get reconciled to the Blackberry. I have email reconcilliation ser to delete on mbox and handheld, wireless reconcile is on and on conflicts mailbox wins.....any other thoughts?

Running a BB Bold, AT&T, os, BIS.