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Ok.. I'm trying to receive aim/yahoo IMs on my Blackberry via gmail/gtalk and jabber transports.. ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    gmail/jabber-psi/aim/yahoo HELP!


    Ok.. I'm trying to receive aim/yahoo IMs on my Blackberry via gmail/gtalk and jabber transports..
    I setup PSI on my PC, setup gmail for it, no problem.
    However I am TOTALLY clueless on how to setup AIM or Yahoo as a transport. Can someone help me with setting that up? I saw a guide on here, but it's a bit to general on how to setup those connections in the PSI client to get my AIM/Yahoo contacts to show up on google talk on the Blackberry.

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    Re: gmail/jabber-psi/aim/yahoo HELP!

    ~via BB (

    To be honest, I haven't even thought about this in a couple months.

    The other problem I had was that I was inspired by Google Talk for BlackBerry as the best thing around when I had BB OS 4.0 on my device.

    When I switched to 4.1, the reliability of the GT client app dropped down quite a bit.

    Then I got so frustrated I gave up.

    However, that could just be my journey!

    You will need to set up a transport with another jabber server.

    To find one, google for a list. I think there's a link in that post I made to a decent list.

    Through your google account in psi, you will want to register the jabber server you've chosen with your google talk sign in. If I remember correctly, this is done by right clicking on the google account and selecting "services".

    However, the biggest problem is finding a reliable jabber server with transports that allow you to use the transport on another jabber server. I went through at least four before a found a good one. But then eventually, it stopped being reliable.

    That's when I gave up.

    I can't know if it's google talk, the GT client on BB, or the jabber server I was using. Too many variables!

    I'm not trying to discourage, but it is a bit gloomier now.

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