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Hello everyone! I have an 8700c and when sending an email from my gmail account ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Email Question!


    Hello everyone! I have an 8700c and when sending an email from my gmail account the message send the same message back to me as well as to the recipient. How do I stop it from sending this same message back to me?

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    Re: Email Question!

    Try this link desjones. It should give you what you need to correct this.

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    Re: Email Question!

    ~via BB (

    Hey! I remember that thread. It's a bit outdated now.

    Gmail is now push-push with BIS (as is Yahoo!).

    Gmail doesn't see a difference between incoming/outgoing email, it's either read or unread.

    Unread messages are pushed to your BlackBerry when they are received.

    With the new BIS/Gmail relationship, there is no POP3 access anymore.

    What you MUST do is log into your BIS account and create a filter which does not deliver messages from you on your gmail service.

    Secondly, you can create a label in gmail to bypass the inbox and label / archive messages sent from you.

    Alternatively, you could just forward your gmail to your email address, but you won't be able to reply to those messages from gmail, because they were delivered to your BB using your address.

    It's a bit annoying and possibly confusing, but once you have the filter(s) setup you won't even think about it again.

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