Hello all,

In order to get a couple of v small (80-150kB) images onto my Blackberry, I emailed them to myself, and the email showed up fine, with the 2 attachments, and I easily opened and saved them to the pictures folder. All fine. So I sent my self some more ... and suddenly, the email shows up, but without the attachment icon, nor the attachments visible anywhere. I tried it 6 or 7 times, with different images (all v small), from different email accounts, I hunted through menus and settings, I turned the BB off and on then retried. NO email i send myself with an attachment now shows up since the first one!

What's super weird, is if i forward the email which shows no attachments, *back* to myself from the BB, it shows up on my computer *with* the attachments!

This is a brand new 8830 (my first blackberry), and I'm on a Mac (which is why i am emailing myself images [and yes, I've installed PocketMac, which Syncs, sort of OK]).

Any help much appreciated.