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Did you get this error logging into your BIS for the first time from your ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Change Log In Mode for BIS


    Did you get this error logging into your BIS for the first time from your PC?

    Your account is not accessible via HTML browser. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service

    If so, here is your solution. You will need to change your log in mode as described below......refernce BTSC KB14378 and BTSC KB14380

    From RIM:

    BlackBerry Internet Service 2.4 provides new BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers with an Automatic Login feature that does not require a username or password to be typed when accessing the account directly from the BlackBerry smartphone.
    Some integration types, such as IBM® Lotus® Domino®, or Microsoft® Outlook®, require an Internet browser for configuration. Additionally, some features of a BlackBerry Internet Service email integration, including signature and filters, can only be modified from a computer browser interface. In these cases the BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber must change from Automatic Login mode to one requiring a user name and password.

    To change from Automatic Login mode to requiring a username and password and be able to access the BlackBerry Internet Service using a computer browser, complete the follow steps:
    1. Click Setup Wizard or E-mail Settings icon.
      Note: Icons may be different depending on the BlackBerry smartphone service provider or theme.
    2. Click Services and Settings.
    3. Click Create User Name.
    4. The BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber will be prompted with a screen stating that this is a permanent change. This change will allow access using a computer browser as well as the BlackBerry smartphone. Type a valid username and password.
    5. The BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber may then log in to the service provider specific web site using the username and password to access the BlackBerry Internet Service account from a computer browser. Navigate to the service provider web site or go the Email Setup page. In the Get started from your computer section, select a Region and then click the service provider.
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    Nice post G, thanks.

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