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Hello: I will be travelling from home (Chicago) to the U.K. with my T-Mobile 8100. ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Can I Disable Internet Email but not BES?



    I will be travelling from home (Chicago) to the U.K. with my T-Mobile 8100. I am set up with both Enterprise email for work and a couple of personal internet email accounts. I tend to get a lot of spam on the personal email accounts, and I understand there may be significant additional data charges overseas.

    So, what I would like to do is to leave my BES account active, but somehow disable the personal, internet email accounts while I am away. Is there any way to do this, apart from deleting the internet accounts before I leave, and then setting them up again when I return?


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    Re: Can I Disable Internet Email but not BES?

    When I go online to my T-Mobile account at the bottom there is a large box called messaging.Click on set up BB internet email. Where you see the accounts listed, click filters. You should then have a choice to NOT FORWARD email to the handheld. When you come home turn it back on.

    While the overseas charges are quite small for BB service you are correct about the roaming charges. It is the PHONE portion of you device that will cost you. It may also take up to 2 hours to log off even if you shut the phone down. All incoming and outgoing phone calls will cost you. INCLUDING those that go to voicemail!!!. The only way to avoid charges is to turn the phone OFF. As long as your phone is on and you are registered on one of the T-Mobile partners for that country you will see charges added to your bill when you get home for anything that came in our went out.

    If someone calls you and you don't answer the call. That call was still routed around until it found your device on some GSM network in whatever country. Since you didn't answer the call it is re-routed back to T-Mobile to your voicemail. I can assure you that's how it works and you will have to pay for the calls.

    The BB emails on the other hand vary in price. Europe cost me about 2 cents/KB.

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