Just acquired a Blackberry Curve 8320, and I noticed a problem accessing some HTML forms with the WiFi Browser. If you have a SELECT entity, and the enclosed OPTIONs don't have the closing OPTION tag, the browser renders all OPTIONs as a single OPTION. Put another way, instead of a pull down with three options, you get a pulldown with only one option and all three variables squished together.

This does not seem to happen with the Internet Browser.

I made up a do-nothing form that shows this behavior, but I can't post URLs. You can see it in action by going to the Webmin site and logging into their demo page. Various modules have unclosed OPTION tags--Webmin/"Webmin Configuration"/Language is one. If you connect with the WiFi Browser, all of the language options are crammed together; if you connect with the Internet Browser, it works as expected.

I've looked around and don't see any discussion of this problem. I guess the solution is to stick with the Internet Browser, but I'm surprised this bug slipped through QA.