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    Blackberry - Attachment



    I have a unique requirement, please help me out. Whenever there is a Email which gets sent out, an attachment is attached along. Now due to heavy load on the server, the downloading of attachment is very pathetic and we want to avoid sending of attachments in emails.

    One solution sort after is, since the attachments are csv's files .. is to conver attachment into HTML and send it across. Now i am not sure whether all version of blackberry support EMAIL in HTML format.

    Incase the email client doesnt support HTML The other solution thought off, is to provide a link which referers to a location on the physical storage.

    Also, what is the other alternate mechanism to convert attachments and then push it across in the email.

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    Re: Blackberry - Attachment

    hyper7, welcome to PinStack.

    Converting a csv file to html would only make your problem worse because you are adding alot of overhead with the tags. and the blackberry devices don't display html email attachments in a easily readable format. it is displayed as text. Your second choice might be better.

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    Re: Blackberry - Attachment

    I think the best solution would be to make use of MDS Browser Messages. Thats the ability to push a web page to the Inbox on the BlackBerry. Its really not hard to do and the results are excellent. When the user opens the "email" the browser kicks in and opens the page.

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