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This weekend we had a meeting with a client, and when we brought this up, ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    BBGuy Advice: Don't use email address for Forward To email


    This weekend we had a meeting with a client, and when we brought this up, we realized that many people probably are using a email address for their "Forward To" addresses when using an Exchange Server without an Enterprise Server.

    We recommend that all of our clients that are doing this do not use the email address, but rather a GMail email address, and here is why.

    1. When the BlackBerry Internet Service goes down (As has happened several times this past year), email instantly stops being sent to your device. Since everyone now is on BIS 2.0 or later, you no longer have the ability to log into a "webclient" to check email that is sent to a email address, leaving you stranded until the BIS service gets back up and running.
    2. In some instances, there have been reports of emails that are sent during an outage to email addresses disappearing and never reaching their destination once the service is restored.
    3. During the event of an outage, Gmail comes in handy 2 ways: First, it will always keep a backup (assuming that you have it set correctly in the GMail settings) in your mailbox, meaning that you will still have a copy of that email. Second, assuming that your data service isn't down, you still have the ability (Although not as convenient as having the email delivered to you), to go to from your device, logging in, and reading and responding to email through there.
    4. GMail, as is a email, is free.

    One of the disadvantages of this, however, is the fact that corporate email is being forwarded to GMail, which exists on their own servers, and obviously, since there is a webclient login for GMail, it IS possible for someone to get into that account and access delicate information.


    If you are an IT Admin or a BES user and you are THAT concerned about security with your emails being forwarded to a GMail, since you already have an Exchange Server, you should ALREADY have invested in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

    Just wanted to point this out as an extra "Backup alternative" for those who are using forwarding rules to email addresses.

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    Re: BBGuy Advice: Don't use email address for Forward To email

    Very Nice. Alot of admins are worry warts and either wont let POP3 access or even OWA to thier sever, if they wont do this then they should get BES, it would make it much better. But then I get the Person that says they are the BES admin, having issues with a device, I tell them to resend the Sevice books, or look at the last comunication from the device to the server. and I Can HEAR the deer in the headlights look ofer the phone. Then off to RIM they Go
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