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Hi. I live in the West Indies and Cable and Wireless were out of Blackberrys. ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    Also bought BB from Ebay


    Hi. I live in the West Indies and Cable and Wireless were out of Blackberrys. I had a friend buy one from eBay when she was in the states recently. It was an unlocked TMobile 7290. I was able to insert my Cable and Wireless SIMM card and work the phone; and I asked for data services to be started. But when I went to register on Blackberry Internet Service, I entered the PIN and IMEI and lo and behold, this account had already been created. I tried the forgot password link, but I don't know where the email went! I could not find it. The BB started receiving some emails, looks like spam. My friend who bought the Blackberry for me has been trying to contact the eBay seller to try to contact the previous owner to ask her to release the pin and imei. I also tried calling TMobile but they would not even let me speak to Tech support without a T Mobile number. Should I just return the Blackberry to the eBay seller?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Also bought BB from Ebay

    You have basically two options:

    1. Return the 7290 to the seller, i recommend this option over the other one, as i got my phone off of ebay and it took me months to contact the owner to get it released.

    2. Contact the previous owner of the phone. This is a very hard thing to do sometimes. I would look at the emails that are coming on the phone, and try to find out who they are and contact them that way. ONLY the owner can release the pin ( i dont think the IMEI is something you have to worry about too much). Dont bother dealing with the service provider, they are an unnecessary hassle and wont help much.

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    Re: Also bought BB from Ebay

    Ithink you need to return the 7290 back to eBay, or send an email to all of the incoming mail and wait for it to it self play out.Good Luck

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    Re: Also bought BB from Ebay

    Just to give you a little more peace of mind, you are not the only one this has happened too. This is the biggest problem with buying a blackberry or any kind of phone off of ebay (that's been previously owned). If you can't get in contact with the previous owner then I also recommend that you return this device to the seller. Sorry for all the inconvenience that you've been through. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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    Re: Also bought BB from Ebay

    Very useful information. I think this should be made into a sticky and pasted at the appropriate place where all can read it. Recently, I had the option to buy a used 8700, but instead I bought a new Pearl. Lord forbid, if I had bought the used 8700, I might be one of those stuck without a BIS account! No sense in having a Blackberry without a BIS account, is there?!

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