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ok, wel I just had my 8100 (at&t, pearl) replaced today, the usb was broken ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    8100 web browser/email problem


    ok, wel I just had my 8100 (at&t, pearl) replaced today, the usb was broken so I had to get a new phone and then I used my back up from about a month ago to restore my previous settings and such

    anyway I also had to reinstall my facebook blackberry app which serves as a facebook web browser

    so later i turn the phone back on to add my 4th email account and my add email feature is nonexistent in the blackberry setup folder. Upon prior inspection, I notice that my media net and my browser icons are missing, so there's no way to browse the internet at all other than my facebook icon (which just lets me surf facebook) Also, my emails are not picking up, and my wireless network is connected from what I can see

    the files aren't hidden either, something seriously messed up on my phone, please help!!!! =(

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    Re: 8100 web browser/email problem

    You need to re-register your new device with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service).

    This should happen automatically when the device registers on the Data Network, but if it didn't, try going to (Settings/Tools -->) Options --> Advanced Options --> Host Routing Table. Click the Menu button and select Register Now. You should get a message that a registration message was sent, and then a message (in your Messages app) with the subject Registration.

    If that doesn't get your Browser back, log into the AT&T BIS Site ( on your computer and click on Change Device and fill in your new device's information. Once you've done that, click on Service Books, and click the Send Service Books button.

    You should soon see a lot of activity on your BlackBerry - including "dancing icons", and you should get your Browsers back, as well as all your email service books.

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