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i tried sending an email (all texts,no images) from my yahoo account and i have ... BlackBerry Internet & Email forum

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    7100 email problem


    i tried sending an email (all texts,no images) from my yahoo account and i have received it via BIS. The file was just 10k. All texts only. When i was half way thru the message at the end of the screen when i scrolled down, there was a pop up message (MORE REQUEST CANNOT BE COMPLETED. SERVICE BOOK INFORMATION NOT FOUND).
    What does it mean?
    I have tried another email from using the same account to my BB email account (around 7k) and it was no problem.

    With regards to images via email (using bb wallpaper generator) i havent had any problems retrieving it be it 10k or more.

    Any settings i am missing with my service books? Browser is working fine.

    Many thanks.

    I am using btw os 4.1 on my bb handheld.

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    Re: 7100 email problem

    I receive that same error message when viewing a larger email message on my 7130c. I'd like to know what the deal is, as well.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    Re: 7100 email problem

    did you resend your service books? you may be missing the yahoo service book.

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    Re: 7100 email problem

    You may need to delete then re-add the Yahoo account before you re-send the service books.

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