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I have searched around and haven't found anything current on this. The linux distro that ... Linux OS forum

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    Linux and sync'ing.


    I have searched around and haven't found anything current on this. The linux distro that I am using has some info but nothing to get excited about.

    Does anyone have any experience with sync'ing your BB to your linux PC? I have heard nothing but good news about this.


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    Arrow Re: Linux and sync'ing.

    I read that thread at Ubuntu forums and that's alot to do!! I'm just now trying Ubuntu 6.10 , wow, alot of difference between Windows & Linux, it's user friendly too!
    Found this also,
    Barry's bcharge version 1.0 released, Bcharge is a standalone utility from the Barry project that will scan your USB devices for BlackBerry handhelds, and perform the special handshake needed to boost charging power up to 500mA.

    Put this in your hotplug or udev scripts to have proper BlackBerry charging on Linux.

    Binary packages will be added to the download section as they are created. If you can't wait, the source code is also available as a single source file. You will need libusb installed to compile it.
    Anyone here have a Linux based system?

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    Re: Linux and sync'ing.

    reading the forums too...will check back

    I have never heard much about Linux and BB working together, perhaps I never looked deep enough

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