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I've seen the question asked a few times, never really saw an answer. Since I'm ... Linux OS forum

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    HowTo: Sync your Blackberry with Linux


    I've seen the question asked a few times, never really saw an answer. Since I'm running Ubuntu now, I did some research.

    There's a great thread on the Ubuntu forums with a basic how to:
    Basically you set up an account on ScheduleWorld, then it acts as a go-between for SyncEvolution on your computer and the Funbol Blackberry Client on your handheld.

    There is also a desktop utility call Barry that looks promising:
    Currently in version 0.7 - It's available in command line and with a GUI. It started out as just a utility to boost the USB so you could charge your Blackberry, but it's slowly evolving into a basic version of Desktop Manager for Linux. I'd like to see this project blossom.

    Hopefully this will give a starting point to those Linux users out there. Please add any new information you may find.

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    Re: HowTo: Sync your Blackberry with Linux

    Thanks for this post. I've switched to Ubuntu full time at home, and the ONLY thing I can't do in Ubuntu that I can do in Windows XP is sync my BlackBerry.

    I don't really want to depend on an ASP to sync information between two physical devices that are connected to each other; it seems pretty silly and more than a little insecure. Anyone tried this method? Does it work well?

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    Re: HowTo: Sync your Blackberry with Linux

    I don't know the term "ASP" but I assume you're referring to ScheduleWorld...

    The support they have is exceptional, makes you feel like you're their only user; problem is, I was feeling that way a lot. I wanted something that would go with Evolution, Mac mail cal and addressbook.apps, and my BB8700...The best client is a pay one, not the funambol client for the BB, it's a German company I believe, but I can't remember their name.

    Barry is promising, but my problem is, I'm really particular about the way my data syncs, and i don't like duplicated anything, or missing fields. If you want ScheduleWorld to really work, then you're best bet is to look at their fields, your device's fields, and your Evolution's Fields. Basically, only use the fields that are defined by all 3, because eventually your PIN apps will start to think they see multiple contacts, and it will be a mess.

    I totally feel you guys on this one, I love ubuntu and feel the same way about it...Their is always the option of building your own server, using Ubuntu or Debian, and running your own Sync ability...Remember BB Enterprise runs off free Linux Servers too!

    (If anyone does want to do this, I highly suggest publishing a little guide on a basic Ubuntu Enterprise Server, it could even get Windoze/BB users attention!)

    Good Luck

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    Re: HowTo: Sync your Blackberry with Linux

    I am also an Ubuntu user (with the 'K' in front). I take exception to havving to go through a 3rd party to sync my BB with Linux. I would much rather use my already-installed server to do the job --using BES-- if only I could find enough docs to make it a reality.

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