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How to Sync your Blackberry in Linux Things you'll need: Your Blackberry device running at ... Linux OS forum

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    How to Sync your Blackberry in Linux


    How to Sync your Blackberry in Linux

    Things you'll need:
    • Your Blackberry device running at least the 4.1 OS
    • A Windows install (on your box or your grandmother's, doesn't matter) with Blackberry Desktop Software installed and the USB cable. For all you linux uber-zealots, sorry guys, I know I'm making you use Windows here...I dunno, hold your breath or something
    • Evolution 2.4.1 Note: I'm not sure whether or not any older/newer versions will work, I would imagine they mostly depends on the next piece of software, which is:
    • SyncEvolution 0.5 (formerly known as Sync4jEvolution): Probably the only opensource solution for integrating Evolution with SyncML. I'm sorry, but I gotta say...that's kinda sad. I guess it works though. See the tutorial below.
    • An account with ScheduleWorld: These guys are pretty cool. Their service is free and it actually works. They even have a nice web-based interface for you to mess with. Anyways, if you want to set up your own Sync4j server, be my guest...I tried it but decided to go with the ScheduleWorld route instead (was having silly networking issues that I didn't feel like resolving).
    • Funambol Blackberry Client - UPDATE: The latest Funambol Blackberry client supports a lot more than the previous clients did! I highly suggest you upgrade your Blackberry device to at least OS 4.1 (required, visit website of your phone provider) and use this client.
    • Patience. Seriously. Not only does this whole process take a while, but the syncing itself is pretty slow.
    Read Full instructions

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    Here is some additional information for syncing with evolution:

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    Wow, ..I think it be better to just get WINE , and use DM and sync that way ....
    or just network you're nix box to your windows and pull the information you want from the nix . ..
    all of this is way to much !

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    I have Linux. I have Windows. I paid for Windows (TM). Might as well use it. I'm never going to see my money back... What's the point?

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