I found a GPS navigation application at veripath.us and decided to take the 30 day free trial. First I had to sign up for subscription using paypal but the first 30 days are free. I knew from the start there might be a problem as they list the 8300 with an internal GPS which we all know isn't the case. Basically I never got it to work. It always got stuck trying to get GPS information. I submitted a trouble ticket on the website http://veripath.us/eTicket/view.php?a=view&id=787547 here you can see what transpired. There was never a result. After 25 days of my 30 day free trial I cancelled my subscription so they wouldn't get paid for something that never worked. I really wish they were sincere about fixing the problems but I have no control over that. If anybody had good results with veripath I would be interested in knowing about it. My advice is don't waste your time.