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So I've just downloaded and installed the latest OS beta release for the curve ( ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Thumbs up Telus Curve 8330 GPS problem solved! (At least it seems like it)


    So I've just downloaded and installed the latest OS beta release for the curve ( And of course, the major issue for us telus users, other than MMS and streaming, is the poor performance of our GPS and Blackberry maps.

    After installing it, I already noticed that the interface was different in terms of how the maps were rendered and the dashboard, so I'm assuming it's a new version of BB maps. After clicking on Start GPS Navigation, it only took a couple of seconds to find a lock, no more than a minute. It had a lock on 8-11 satelites rather than 4-5. All of this testing was done from the same location. Even after travelling around, and whatnot, satellite locks were much MUCH faster than anything before.

    The new release definitely addresses the blackberry maps problem. However, there's still some glitches. Googlemaps and GPSed couldn't find satellites, until Blackberry maps was activated (better that then using Telus Navigator which costs 10 bucks a month). So it looks like RIM has started to finally get the ball rolling on this issue. The unfortunate part is that Telus Navigator doesn't seem to work on any 4.5 releases. I get a exit and restart error [2] anytime I try to run it. I uninstalled it before i upgraded, so I think it may be safe to say that the GPS issue is finally being resolved.

    I downgraded back to 4.3 as I'm one of the fortunate few that managed to score Telus Nav for free until the issue is officially resolved. I'm gonna wait till an official release as there are still some minor glitches in the latest 4.5 release (which can be seen in other forums) before I upgrade again. But it is nice to see that the issue seems to be on it's way to being resolved.

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    Thank you for info nice TRY.

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