A few months ago I switched from a Cingular BB 8800 to an AT&T BB 8310. I am having some issues with GPS enabled apps that I didn't experience using the 8800.

When I open Live Search, Google Maps, or Tellme, the GPS doesn't show current info, and I usually get some message that GPS is unavailable. These are set to use device GPS. The GPS data will load into these apps if I go into the BlackBerry settings screens and do the refresh GPS thing (it usually takes 2-5 minutes to get coords outdoors with clear view of southern sky). I have to refresh GPS in settings every time I want to use one of these apps. My 8800 didn't have this issue, so I'm wondering if I have something configured wrong, or if the 8310 GPS is just not as good as whatever the 8800 uses.

My phone is running BB OS from AT&T v4.2.2.170

Does anyone else get this sort of thing from their Curve, or can point me toward some resources that might help? TIA