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Hi everyone, As you may know I run the site . I've decided to ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    OpenLBS - Open Source Tracking


    Hi everyone,

    As you may know I run the site I've decided to open source much of my code and so I've created a new project, OpenLBS, that contains all the code necessary to run a tracking server and client. So for all of you out there that want to run your own tracking server -- now you can.

    Right now there is a server you can download, and a BlackBerry client. I'll be porting the client to other platforms, such as Windows Mobile, as well as the iPhone.

    I'll be working on making some documentation for those of you out there that aren't as tech-savvy.

    You can read about it here: chris moos » Blog Archive » OpenLBS - Open Source Tracking

    OpenLBS Site:


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    Ask Me:)
    I think this is a great idea and personally I've used your service before. Thank you for your contributions, it does not go unnoticed

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