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I know I can get online at numerous places, but I attempting to purchase a ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Need GPS Holux 240 Tomorrow, Where can I buy?


    I know I can get online at numerous places, but I attempting to purchase a Holux 240 in time for my trup tuesday morning which means I will need to purchase from an actual store as opposed to online (imagine that .

    Does anyone know if any electronic stors carry these, I looked in Best Buy and Circuit City and they did not have them. Google didnt help me find one either

    Also I am headed to London at the end of the week, does blackberry maps have London attractions/directions on there or will I need to download something seperate?

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    Re: Need GPS Holux 240 Tomorrow, Where can I buy?

    ~via BB ( London I recommend getting the LondonPass. It'll give you everything you need. It includes all the right places and you don't even have to wait in line at most of them. Google London Pass and then order it. At this time you'll have to go to their office to pick it up cause mail won't get to you in time. Its absolutly brilliant.

    I recommend including the 6-zone TFL (Transport For London) pass. With the 6_zone pass you can get to Windor Castle via high speed express train (most of the way), and out to Hampton Palace--two jaw dropping locations. If you have kids you can do a quick stop at platform #4 at Kings Cross Station (that's the real platform 9 3/4) where my daughter met Ron Weasley and then off for a pizza to Leedenhall Market--where the outside scenes of Diagon Alley were filmed.

    At the Tower of London, with the London Pass, when you get off the Tube at Tower station at the back of the Tower of London, turn right and walk all the way around to the very front, bypassing the long line of people waiting for over a half-hour, and just show your London Pass right as you go in.

    Cheers..from a Yankee.

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