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Well my iBlue 737 has arrived today. I put the battery in (looks like a ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    My opinion of the iBlue 737


    Well my iBlue 737 has arrived today. I put the battery in (looks like a small cell phone battery. Huge plus and charges via USB!), and turned it on. Fired right up, ready for pairing. Paired it to my Curve, and started Google Maps. I set up the GPS through the menu in Google Maps and the new My Location feature used my GPS unit to show my position. It tracked me extremely accurately. Accurately as in it showed my position in different parts of my house! Pinpoint accurate.

    I fired up Nav4All, set up the BT GPS inside the menu, and put in my address for Home. I then entered a destination, my Mom's house down the road, and it gave me a sort of round-about way to get there. I guess Nav4All likes to use larger streets rather than navigating through smaller side streets.

    I can also mark a spot on the map and have it give me directions to there. The voice directions are nice, but confusing at times. Directing me to stay left on a 2 lane street?

    Google maps is great since I can use actual satellite photos of the area, so I can better see where I need to go. I can also choose to start my travels from My Location instead of having to enter an address. More responsive, easier to use, and it's friggin Google! I can search for a location easily and get directions quickly. Though Google Maps doesn't have voice turn-by-turn directions, it seems to be the better program.

    I am just starting to use Nav4All, so maybe at some other time it will shine but as of right now, GMaps is the better of the two.

    Back to the iBlue. It's size is amazing. If you lay the iBlue 737 down sideways on top of the screen of the Curve, it's width just millimeters taller than the screen, and it's height is just a tad bit wider than the phone's body width. The iBlue's thickness is a few millimeters thicker than the Curve. Super compact and fits in any pocket.

    The iBLue 737 also comes with a dashboard/console mount. You peel off the wax paper adhesive cover and stick the mount wherever you want in the car. It has a padded quick-release, which holds the GPS securely (no tricky snap-in). The only thing that snaps in is the main body of the mount, if you need to take it off. There is also a strange looking hook-like attachment, which I am assuming is some sort of AC vent mount.

    Anyway, this device is great. Extreme accuracy, a cool mount, fast response, and very compact.

    A super cool GPS puck for only $55 dollars on

    If anyone is looking for a nice GPS puck, look no further.

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    Re: My opinion of the iBlue 737

    After about 6 hours of using Nav4All, I have worked out some of my original issues.

    First, the Points of Interest are very useful. Gas stations are pretty much my most important thing to look for, and they are all there in my area. All of them. Even the not-so-major gas stations. This lets me know that if I need to pull off the highway and get gas quick, I will find one, regardless of how popular or major the gas station is.

    Another thing is the way it sets the route. I set my habits to "shortest" in the menu and now the routes are as they should be, and not all round-about. Shortest routes are the best, am I right? This is also useful for dodging traffic and needing to hit side streets.

    All in all, having such a pinpoint accurate GPS puck and a great (FREE!!) program, Nav4All, makes for a great, low-budget GPS solution instead of paying for a $375 GPS with a touch screen.

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    Re: My opinion of the iBlue 737

    I was just about to go start a review for this exact model myself as mine just arrived yesterday and I used it today. Since you started this great review thread, I'll just add my 2cents since I agree with the accuracy of your review:

    I've found that usually if a deal is too good to be true.. it probably is. Not in this case. Definite bang for your buck. I purchased my iblue737 through for $50 (s/h not included, can choose from various options) and it came with your choice of accessorie option at no additional cost. I chose the pda/smartphone adjustable mount.

    After the initial full charge, it easily connected with my curve's bt and from within my living room (I live in an apt building) I was able to get an accurate location of my position, to the preciseness of being 1/3rd deep into my block and on the side of the building facing closest to the street. It picked up 8-9 satellites. The true test came when I went driving today. I paired it up with Mapquest Navigator. The two worked together like old friends. I have gotten to see expensive Garmin GPS units in use and I do not feel I am missing out on anything in comparison and I have paid far less.

    I am ready to tackle my next road trip, whether it be to Baltimore for a concert, or just to a party in jersey (I think GPS was invented for our state, sheesh). I'll keep my trusty map in my car just in case, but I have a feeling those days are now long over.

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