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I am a TMO customer and am thinking of getting unlocked 8800. Will GPS function ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Question GPS service cost???


    I am a TMO customer and am thinking of getting unlocked 8800. Will GPS function work? Is there a service package I will need beyond my Blackberry data package?....confused

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    Re: GPS service cost???

    You can use BB Maps at no charge with your BB data plan, but you will need use the modified LBS.alx file to get BB Maps to load.

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    Re: GPS service cost???

    I am with tmobile and I am using the 8800. I just purchased telenav (10.00 monthly fee) and used it for the first time today. It works great and if you will actaully use the gps it is worth it. All you need prior to set up is your bb wireless data plan. That's it.
    Product info:
    Great accuracy, graphics are great, great voice direction. Your able to use a varitey of views such as 3d, 2d,and arrow diection. You have a compass which covers mph. You have a business finder. Your able to add favorites and preset your home address and work address. You can also sign on via pc to add info as well. There is alsop an option to call in an address. I think its a great value.

    I tried to use bb maps but the gps and maps didn't work well together. I can't expect much. Its free lol

    Hope this helps

    ~via BB (

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    Re: GPS service cost???

    BBMaps is pretty awful IMO.

    Mapquest Navigator is actually a pretty decent free GPS app. Not quite as good as Telenav IMO. I'd prefer to use Telenav but I'm sure plenty of people would be more than happy with Mapquest's app.

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