So, let me preface this by saying I'm a backpacker, and my ultimate (and likely completely impossible) goal is as follows:

I want to turn my Verizon Blackberry Storm into a Garmin Oregon 550t, without the barometric altimeter/ compass, but with the added benefit of a phone:

So, here's my questions:
  1. Other than Blackstar GPS, are there any other mapping applications that work outside of any type of network coverage. I ask because, when I go backpacking, it's to get away from civilization, not to be tethered to it.
  2. What applications will allow me to pre-download topographic maps to my memory card, thus eliminating the need for coverage?
  3. Is there any way to "trick" the GPS into thinking it has coverage? I've set location aiding to "Disabled while Roaming", but that doesn't seem to make a difference. (I can't lock onto satellites whatsoever with BBMaps, Google Maps, Sanoodi, Nav4All, or Amaze when I don't have cell service. Almost as if the GPS is disabled...Blackstar Works though)
  4. Has anyone used Trimble Outdoors successfully on a Storm? I see it on app world, but I don't want to exhaust the 6 day trial until I'm actually planning on putting it through it's paces. I don't have a trip planned until July 4th.