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Ok... I finally figured out ... I have Blackberry Maps on my 8100...not Google Maps. ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Ok... I finally figured out ... I have Blackberry Maps on my 8100...not Google Maps.
    Also I have a Pharos GPS Bluetooth receiver.
    I can't get the 8100 and the Pharos to work together. I can 'pair' the Pharos with the 8100..( it recognizes the GPS receiver...) but I can't get it to show me my location on the maps.
    What am I doing wrong..... I can go to Options...then Advanced Options...then GPS.... but the GPS screen is blank....there is nothing there...( Bluetooth is cut on)
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Gps

    Wizardrl....I'd PM vince1 If I were you....he seems to know a lot about this!!
    His instructions on your previous thread were VERY clear and descriptive,
    either that, or trying re-posting this on your last thread...he may recognize it

    good luck!!

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    Re: Gps

    not all receivers are compatible.

    Have you looked under the menu when in BB maps?

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    Re: Gps

    I know a bit.
    I agree with red that not all GPS pucks work with the bb. I'd check this first. There is a certain spec that only works.
    Are you getting searching for sats on the screen?
    ~via BB (

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