I got an unexpected amount of money coming in in a few weeks and have decided to get a GPS for my T-Mobile Pearl 8100 so I can use the GPS to finally set up and keep track of my exercise. I've been wanting to see if it could be possible to auto-update a map on my blog with route info every evening? I don't really care if anybody knows where I am most of the time. I just want to be able to post my exercise route info so I can be motivated more to complete my regime.

Just wondering if the elevation and speed could be recorded on a route as I run or cycle for exercise. Is this a GPS function or an software function? Which GPS would be best for this?

Pertaining the "heartrate" in the thread title, i'm wondering if there is any exercise heartrate monitor that has GPS and could update my HR with the elevation and speed too? This would help other runners and cyclist to criticize my route and intensity so I could refine my exercise set-up.

If you don't understand what I means and need more clarifications, let me know.

Hopefully there is something out there that is exactly like what i'm asking for and that I can afford it.