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The problem with that Javijavi is that there are no stored maps on the BB. ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    The problem with that Javijavi is that there are no stored maps on the BB. Your in car device stores the maps and pulls them from memory. While all of the BB programs download the maps dynamically as needed. The subscription costs are not all that great when you consider the infrastructure needed to supply all of this data continuously to how many 10's or 100's of thousands of BB's simultaneously. + development costs.

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    Hi, I just purchased my first ever BB 8820 and really loving all the features so far but especially the GPS capability which is very impressive so far. I have tried pretty much all the popular GPS apps like NAV4all, AMAZE, Telenav, Garmin Mobile and Mapquest, but for me Mapquest has been the best out of them with Garmin a close second. I have to say that seeing a company representative on these forums is not only a great thing for customers but also speaks a lot about the company itself and needs to be praised for that. Shows they really believe in their product and are ACTUALLY listening to their customers!

    I heard a lot about Telenav but absolutely hated their server connection issues which is why I cancelled their free trial. Telenav has outdated gas prices with information over 48 hours old in most cases. Garmin Mobile on the other hand has the most updated gas prices with information updated in less than 12 hours. Mapquest has most updates within 24 hours not too bad but I hope they can improve that.

    I would also like to see more updated traffic incidents in my area regardless of the route like Garmin Mobile has. Also I wish Mapquest Nav would have the voice prompt say the whole EXIT information like " Take the CO-470 W/E-470 exit, EXIT 194, toward AIRPORT/GRAND JCT/LIMON" and not just "Take CO-470 W". Garmin Mobile gives you the complete exit information and that is extremely helpful to us especially when in a new area. I also love Garmin's clear and complete turn by turn direction screen.

    Also helpful in the next update would be to let the person know exactly what side of the road the destination is on i.e right or left side because sometimes MN tells me I have reached my destination while im right in the middle of the road! not good. Garmin Mobile will tell you what side the destination is on. The biggest issue with Garmin was that it takes a long time to re-calculate and the map can sometimes be confusing and by the time it recalculates I have already passed the side street it wants me to turn on in order to get back on my main route. Second big issue with Garmin mobile is that it will disconnect if your cell phone goes into standby mode or auto screen lock, whereas with MN I have not been disconnected even during a call.

    Mapquest was also the most updated in my area (co.springs,co) with Telenav a close second and Garmin mostly outdated! Lastly I couldn't justify the $100 for the life of the handset condition with Garmin mobile as I change cell phone at least 2 times per year.

    Telenav is a bit too costly for what it currently offers not to mention poor customer service, horrible server connection (if I can't connect on some days then what am I paying for?), always need to have a cell phone signal, old gas prices, no night mode and SLOW map downloads on the screen to name a few.

    Telenav's best feature has to be it's manual re-routing option as in being able to edit a road segment if there is a traffic incident and choose another traffic optomized option with quick re-routing a close second. They also claim to have frequent traffic updates every 5 mins. But still I think Mapquest Navigator IMO is a better all around GPS software with a reasonable monthly price. Hope this review helps. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamjay79 View Post
    Living - no cost, totally free. Cherri - I have used TelNav, and I prefer Mapquest. I like the interface, as it is almost identical to the GPS you see in vehicles. Not to mention all of the options are the same. Give it a try, I think you will be impressed.

    I don't see the free version....I must be in the wrong area! Help?

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    No free version anymore

    Unfortunately, the free version of Mapquest Navigator is no longer available. I used it for a long time and actually preferred some of its features to the newer current version. I thought I would have it forever, but even though I have the software it will no longer download etc. The newer version is approx 10 dollars per month, or 49.99 for a year. I think it is a bargain, but miss the free one.

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    yeah I thought thats what happened. SO I DL'ed the amaze and will try it out tomorrow....seems to work, lets see how it does on accuracy

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    So I'm guessing it doesn't work for the 83xx?? Hmmmmmmm............
    ~via BB (

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    I had to wipe my 8310 (messing around with BB OS 4.5 beta). Now I cannot figure out how to re-download MapQuest Navigator 5. I have an account in good standing. The original download link ( is dead and the MapQuest web site only wants to sell me an additional subscription. Repeated attempts to contact their customer support through their web site have gone unanswered.

    Does anyone know where I can download it? Ideally, I'd like a version to install via Desktop Manager (not OTA) so I don't have to go through this again.

    EDIT: I figured it out. The OTA download site is a secure site (i.e., "https"). Darn little "s" caused all that trouble!

    EDIT: Support (navigator at MapQuest dot com) responded and insisted that both addresses work. Perhaps I was inadvertantly preceding the address with "www." Maybe the site was down for 2 days. Or maybe I found a bug in the BB browser. Either way, Navigator is up and running again.
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    Hi guys - is anybody still using Mapquest on their BB? I love this app but it suddenly stopped working a month or so ago.
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