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OK, so I have read quite a few threads concerning GPS and the 8330. After ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Another GPS thread


    OK, so I have read quite a few threads concerning GPS and the 8330. After a long time searching I have found very little concrete information or information that seems to be contradictory or debated. I am starting this thread in hopes of getting some clearity and to find out if what I am hearing from around the web is true.

    1) I have used the beta software up to and found the GPS only to worked with blackberry maps but then stopped after a while getting stuck on "searching for satellites...". My first question is does the latest beta unlock anything further in regards to GPS? Are there any files that can be modified or deleted? I have heard people mention MCP but that does not seem to have any effect on GPS capability.

    2) I have heard or some sort of "work around" in threads on this site that allows you to use 3rd party applications as long as you have subscription to VZNav. Some of the statements are vauge and something alongs the lines of "you cannot get around it unless you have subscription". I have the subscription and still cannot get GPS to work with anything other then VZNav. It seems many people just want the GPS unlocked without VZNav subsciption. I am willing to pay for it, but also want to use GPS for other applications. Is there any truth to this "work around" and if so, how is it done?

    3) I was told by someone that you can wipe the OS with JL commander and reinstall the latest Rogers Wireless OS and get the GPS working on VZW 8330. Can anyone verify this?

    If VZNavigator or blackberry maps can only be used I am surprised someone has not figured out a way to "piggy back" on the VZNavigator GPS requests. Fomr there, pull them into another application using VZNav as a "middle man" application just to get coordinates and then and them off emulating a GPS unit to another 3rd party application. I'm not sure if that really made much sense...

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    the fact that verizon locks down their phones was 33% of the reason that my family left VZW! it sucks.... try the newest Google Maps.... i know it works with the storm... good luck

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    Correct me if I am wrong but google maps is not actually using true GPS on the Storm (or any other vzw bb for that matter) but cell site triangulation to get an approx location within 1600 meters.

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