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Well after 2 days of being on hold for over an hour, I finally got ... BlackBerry GPS forum

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    Alltel Gps Problems


    Well after 2 days of being on hold for over an hour, I finally got to talk to a real person today after 20 minutes of wait. The problem with this is, do you always get the smartest person? Well the guy I talked to told me that GPS would indeed have to be enabled through telenav. I don't want to spread any ugly rumors, I really do hope there is another way around it, but I've tried everything I can, and something this simple should NOT be this difficult. Maybe he's right, maybe you have to pay 10 dollars a month for your gps, maybe alltel enjoys cucumbers in their salad if you know what I mean. So I'll probably drop the 10 dollars a month for tethered modem (yea another feature that your forced to pay for) and replace it with this 10 dollars a month for gps. You better believe I'm going to use the hell out of that thing. Pizza delivery people ain't gonna have S on me. I better know about all the new streets before they break ground on em. GGGGGGGAAAAWD I'm so mad. Feel my anger pinstack, FEEL IT!! If I could choose between having super human powers of invisibility, flying, or being able to get a decent deal on a cellphone. Well... Just call me Cellular Boy, OMG ITS CELLULAR BOY! HE ONLY PAYS 50 BUCKS A MONTH AND GETS UNLIMITED EVERYTHING, HOW REASONABLE!!! YEAH I HEARD HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A CONTRACT, HE CAN LEAVE WHENEVER HE WANTS!! Either that or I'd choose invisibility and sneak into the corporate higher up's bathroom and giggle, giving them a psycho inferiority complex disorder thing and they'd give up on life and never leave their bed and cry all the time. WOO HOO! Plus if your invisible you could check out chicks in the shower, HOLLA!! Wait did I get off track? Oh yea I was talking about Alltel GPS, so like I was saying when I get the alltel gps working, it will be able to track me wherever I go, even if I'm invisible, but I don't advise you bring it into any showers, it might mess up the screen or cause other problems. Flying would be awesome too, get amazing reception way up in the sky. Sorry I'm getting off track again, so lets recap, get the new alltel blackberry 8830, and I recommend paying 10 dollars extra a month to become invisible, its well worth it, peace out peoples.

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    Re: Alltel Gps Problems

    i agree as well lol
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    Re: Alltel Gps Problems

    I liked it though. I think you could call me cellular boy. I get a great deal for my service!~via BB (

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    Re: Alltel Gps Problems

    I don't know how I missed this thread.

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    Re: Alltel Gps Problems

    Well, not to be rude but the only posts I've seen from you Cash have been related to severe frustrations with Blackberry features, costs, or customer service somewhere. I'm glad I enjoy my Blackberry and all of its capabilities so much more.

    If you want to save money and have some GPS capabilities, use BB Maps, it's FREE. Or pay Telenav the annual fee of $99 instead of $10 a month and save $20. I had Telenav for about 3 months and got rid of it because I didn't use it enough to warrant $10 a month. Google Maps works for me when I just need to reference a cross-street or something to find out where I'm at or where I'm going.

    Good luck with all your endeavours and I hope things get better.
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