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Will the 8320 work with a linksys N router. The router states that it will ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    wireless N network?


    Will the 8320 work with a linksys N router. The router states that it will work as a G or B network but I wanted to get a confirmation from a actual user. My problem is the router I'm using is not reaching the entire house and I'm constantly loosing wi-fi signal. I thought about getting a repeater but it's just as expensive as a new N router. Any advice would help. Thanks in advance

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    Re: wireless N network?

    I do not know if the the curve will work with a wireless N router. It should, but then again, my wireless G print server should have worked with my Linksys WRT300N Wireless N router in BGN mode. If you are looking to purchase a wireless N router for better distance, I would suggest reading some reviews before buying. Many people have bought wireless N routers only to be disappointed by the lack of range and speed. Keep in mind that the wireless N standard has not been ratified yet.

    Just some info before you go and buy a wireless N router.
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    Re: wireless N network?

    It works with certain routers. The WRT300N works, the DIR655 (which is highly rrecommended) works, the Belkin roouters do not (not 100% sure on the N1 vision as that is the only one I didn't try, but the others give no QoS control yet, the option is there but does nothing and firmware updates from Belkin are 1 a century) work fully (they connect but calls are dropped shortly after, data works though). The key is to have the ability to shape the connection.

    I had the DIR655 (whch gets rave reviews everywhere) and I could never get it fully connected correctly to my satisfaction. I have 2 8320's and they would connect and work great, but the battery life suffered tremendously for me, although others are reporting no difference between it and the T-Mo. Both of my 8320's would be dead within the day, when during normal use they would last about 2-2.5 days between charges. I couldn't justify the price at this point, so took it back and bought a second T-Mo linksys as they are free after rebate (I have 2 phones hence eligible for 2 routers). So far they are great.

    Sorry for the length of the post, but lots of info to pass on as have been dealing wih this for a while. When dealing with the N routers the thing to keep in mind is that N routers will roll back the speeds in a mixed mode environment, with the exception of the DIR655 (unsure on the N1 Vision as no real world reviews are out there other than "It works great and love the display") as it will still maintain a seperate N channel in parallell as well. Also there are only about 2-3 models (N1 Vision, DR655 possibly as D-Link says it will but is not guaranteeing anything, and one Linksys possibly) out today that are qualified as N 2.0 upgradeable, so if the new standard is released shortly like they say it will be, you router may not be firmware upgradeable to the new standard. The ability not to roll back is the kcker as the 8320 won't do N so it will roll back any system it connects to as G is its best speed. For me the main reason for the whole thing is to get the Curve on there for home hotspot and I couldn't justify the $ for no speed gain. I am going the route of an access point. You could get a WRT-54G and put DD-WRT firmware on it to open it up as an access point (they can be had pretty cheaply)'

    I would say unless you really need it, I saw very little increase in distance with the N routers I have tried (and I want it as I have a few devices that are N ready already) and just look for a high gain antenna to tide you over until the things boil down.

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    Re: wireless N network?

    I have the Linksys WRT300N and it works great with the 8820.

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