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so a friend of mine has an old pda and asked me if there was ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    WiFi possibilities?


    so a friend of mine has an old pda and asked me if there was anyway that she would be able to put wi-fi access on it...i told her i'd look it up since i have no life and work 16 hour days and spend most of it in front of the computer. i stumbled upon 'sd wi-fi' cards that came out around 2004ish and apparently there are a ton of these going around. this way you could add wi-fi access to some of your older palm pilots and whatnot through the sd card slot. THEN i got turned onto the idea of microsd wi-fi cards and guess what...they exist!! well not as of yet but VERY soon. a company called spectec apparently has made the first microsd wifi capable cards. they announced this around october 2006 from what i gather. i don't believe i can put up links but google 'microsd wifi' and the first couple of links are what i was reading into.

    anywho, does anyone see this working for the pearl? going to the website the only os listed as being supported is Microsoft Windows CE 4.X-5.X. yea yea yea, the 'komet' has wifi and all that jazz...but what about those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be able to trade their phones in?

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    Re: WiFi possibilities?

    that sounds exciting to me! i dont' know much about this stuff, but keep us updated

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    Re: WiFi possibilities?

    Killer...curious as to what the range would be seeing as though the antenna would have to be...microscopic. Kind of bummer to have to swap a 2gb (or whatever size it may be) card out to save downloaded stuff to.

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