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Setting up the wifi and playing around. Now I went to disable it, and try ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    Wifi Browser Issue


    Setting up the wifi and playing around. Now I went to disable it, and try to go to and I get this error:

    "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again"

    I have an EDGE signal, shouldnt that be enough? Do I need to resend the service books now on EDGE? I think I sent them while wifi and EDGE were on, not sure.
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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    Resend service book then reboot your device. Goodluck

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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    I was having the same problem.
    What I ended up doing was changing the Browser to "Internet browser" from "Wi-Fi Browser" under Browser configuration menu.

    Here is how is goes...

    1. Click on Browser icon on your main screen
    2. Hit menu button to go to Options
    3. Click on Browser configuration
    4. On the very top of the screen it reads something like this ~~~~~~Browser: Wi-Fi Browser~~~~~
    5. Make sure you change it to Internet Browser

    That kinda fixed the problem, but I am not sure what that really does with having Wi-Fi capability.
    I might not maximize the Wi-Fi functionality if I set it on Internet Browser, but it will fix the problem you are having at least...
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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    Go to options.. Browser.. and change the default browser configuration to Media Net instead of WiFi.

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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    If you added a bookmark and you were on wifi browser you can't open it with internet browser. Change the setting to internet browser and then add a bookmark.

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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    To switch between browsers:
    •Open a browser.
    •Click Menu.
    •Select "Go To..."
    •Click Menu again.
    •Select "Change Browser"
    •Choose from Internet Browser, MEdia Net, Wi-fi Browser...
    ~via BB (

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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    I am not sure that this will work if he doesnt have the options to select the internet browser. What you need to do is.....go to *options* then go to *advanced options*....scroll down to *host routing table* and click that. Once there you will see a list of numbers next to your carrier name. What you want to do is highlight the one that is in BOLD. Then click the BB(menu) button and then click *register now*. That will send you a message stating you are registered with the wireless network. Thats it. You should then go back and see your internet browser option.
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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    i'm experiencing the same issue, but have done everything advised so far. i have internet browser, t-zones, and wi-fi browser available. for high speeds i have it set to wi-fi browser, my question is... if a wi-fi signal is not available, will the blackberry browser default to internet browser? or is that something i have to manually set? regards,

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    Re: Wifi Browser Issue

    Just set the browser to default connect to internet as stated above and it will default to the connection that is current, if wifi then will be wifi, if edge then will connect through edge (or as they call it t-zones, medianet, etc). I had mine set the same way and would get no connection wifi required and then have to change it, but when I used internet as the default no more problems for the last month.

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