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Well here goes: I am trying to convince my boss to go with a blackberry. ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    Well here goes: I am trying to convince my boss to go with a blackberry. His primary requirement is that he has vpn access to his resources at work from home or while out. He is being told it wont do it by ATT, and they are pushing the q and tilt on him, I see and know that my 8320 has a vpn client built in. Here is what I need to know:

    If I was to convince him to go with the BB, what would I have to do to allow him vpn access from outside, I have read that you need BES, I have downloaded the single license server for free, and want to play this weekend, if I have time. What are the tipical ways to set this up. if someone could give me an outline, that'd be great Because I am pretty clueless.

    My initial thought is to install the bes server on his machine at work and allow him access to his files, and things of that nature. He will be the only user, perhaps down the line more, but they can buy more licenses if they need them.

    Whew, thanks in advance!


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    Re: Vpn

    AT&T does charge more for tethering, however it would be cheaper than an aircard (but a slower connection than an aircard). He should be able to access his VPN no problem.

    He would have access to everything in Outlook (if thats what he uses, or Lotus notes for example)

    About the BES outline, not sure on that one. I know some BES stuff, not that however.
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