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    unknown network error


    I have tried the search function and did not find anything to help with this. I apologize in advance if I am inadvertantly duplicating other posts.

    I recently had to change the router on my wireless network at home. I have been able to get my pc's and laptop's working. But I cannot get my 8820 to fully connect. I have it search for available networks, the network shows up in the list with a signal, then when I click "connect" after trying to connect for some time, I gave a page that says "unknown network error" and am unable to connect to the network.

    I should add that I was able to connect with my old router.

    Anyone have any advice on this?

    thank you very much.
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    I'm not an expert and the solutions to these things can be tricky and minute - maybe an expert will jump in and help you soon.

    In the mean time, check out this thread: to see if anything in there helps.

    I had a wireless problem with a happy ending. I got involved in it at Post #80 and out - problem solved - at post #90 or so. Good luck
    For every complex problem there is a solution, that is simple, neat, .....and wrong! (H. L. Mencken) jblackfish(at)pinstack(dot)com

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