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Hello folks, I'm about to ask a really dumb question, but I'm asking it because ... BlackBerry Wi-Fi forum

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    How does Wi-Fi work?


    Hello folks,
    I'm about to ask a really dumb question, but I'm asking it because I really and truly don't know how this works, and I'm really interested. I'm considing upgrading to a blackberry with wi-fi. I have wifi at home, and I'm sure I would be able to attach the BB to my wireless network for being able to browse internet etc. However, how does it work with other hosts on the network? Is it possible to transfer files from computer to BB and vice versa? Map a drive from BB to host, and vice versa? What about browsing web pages on my local web server, that only serves to my "intranet"? Is that how it works, or is it only for use getting to the internet, or for making wifi calls?


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    As far as I understabd it, the wifi can be used for viewing e-mails and webpages and in some cases pages on local servers by logging in to a company website for example but it would be through a browser. I have done this through the bolt browser.

    If you have tmobile and a tmobile router you can also receive phone calls through the wifi

    Can you access printers hard disks through a home network, again it would likely be possible through a browser, but not in a similar way that one would network PC's. Or at least I have not been able to do this with my phone (a bb 9000)

    Wifi calls like Skype or google voice actually call a local number over the voice plan. I did read that skype is trying to get an app, but that bb's do not have enough memory unlike iphones which can do this.

    This is my understanding and I may be wrong? Hope this helps

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    I was wondering about WiFi as well. I know that data transfer is a given but I was never sure about voice. My thoughts are there are a significant number of WiFi networks to connect to but the voice connection would be suspect over a WiFi network with lower bandwith speeds. I look forward to reading further responses since I really don't understand this aspect of WiFi very well.

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